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About Dr. Mary

After a profound and life changing experience with chiropractic, Dr. Mary E. Lowther attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Minneapolis, MN, graduating in 1980.  For over 20 years, Dr Mary cared for a large variety of patients in her private practice in Long Lake, MN.  Initially Dr. Mary started her health care career as an Occupational Therapist (OTR) in a variety of psychiatric, in-patient and out-patient hospital settings. She graduated from the University of Illinois at the Medical Center in Chicago. 

Dr. Mary now lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida, specializing in Neuro Emotional Technique.  The unique blend of these two health care fields led Dr. Mary to explore the emotional aspects of health and illness.  She attained the prestigious distinction as a charter Certified Neuro Emotional Practitioner with honors in 1998.


Dr. Mary Lowther  specializes in treating the emotional aspects of illness along with addressing the "stumbling blocks" to health and success.  Her passion for excellence in life plus a magnetic, personalized style attracts unique individuals and companies who require timely results in success and health.

 Using an effective interactive approach, Dr. Lowther enjoys speaking to diverse audiences, presenting new perspectives on shaping health and success through a mind/body approach to well being.

Please call Dr. Mary E. Lowther today at 727.823.5331 for a complimentary phone consultation.