Dr. Mary E. Lowther, OTR, D.C.

It is now estimated that between 85 to 90% of all diseases are related to STRESS.
It is now estimated that nearly all diseases are related to STRESS.

Neuro Emotional Technique is a scientific and elegant method of treating "Stuck" emotional blocks to health and success.  The mind-body connection is powerful.  Millions of events have happened in each of our lives, some we just deal with and move on....others keep an emotional charge.  The emotionally charged ones remain most vivid in the Unconscious as mental "snapshots"....your perceptions of life, the trail through the jungle, the path of least resistance. " If X happens, then I automatically do or think/feel Y".  These unconscious images resurface at odd, seemingly unexplained times, resulting in frustrating, unproductive behaviors and/or physical symptoms.

In other words, the unconscious conditioned blueprint is in control.  Past experiences and your unaware perceptions of them can cause the Unconscious to harbor limiting beliefs that may be contrary to success.  Think of an iceberg here....the top 10% is the  Conscious.  The 90% below water is the Unconscious, that huge part of our brain storing whatever has happened to us... either real or imagined. 

Every thought we think is creating our future.  Each one of us created our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings.   Louise L. Hay

Where are are today is determined by choices you made yesterday.  Where you will be tomorrow is determined by choices you make today.    Mike Murdock