The Neuro Emotional Connection


Dr. Mary E. Lowther, OTR, D.C.



"Why did I act that way? I know better than that!"

How come knowing the right thing doesn't always lead to doing the right thing? You think you've got it. You think it makes sense...but inside you are still confused. The psychology is working but the physiology is hurting. You can sense something isn't quite right..phobias, headaches, pounding heart, upset stomach, depression, short temper, fatigue, panic are some of the symptoms of being "stuck".

Even with high levels of understanding, THINKING by itself keeps you stuck, repeating the same patterns the same way getting the same results. Just as touching the flame of a stove, a toddler is conditioned (taught) about fire, your past experiences have conditioned you to respond in ways that may restrict your personal growth. Phobias, obsessive behaviors, fear of change, weight problems may be outcomes. For example, a young child may have been embarrassed in front of the classroom. Now as an adult, they may experience panic with the thought of giving a sales presentation in front of a group.

Simply put, your biography becomes your biology. How do you get unstuck? Dr. Mary is a specialist in working with past conditioning. NET transfers you from a place of simply thinking to an integrated place of being. In this integrated state of being, you are fully connected to your feelings as well as your thoughts. NET recognizes that neurological impulses are hardwired in the body. Feelings are carried throughout in an amazingly complex communication system. Actually, feelings travel back and forth between the brain and every part of the body using "molecules of emotions" (amino acids produced by neurons) and their cellular receptors.

 Your feelings are physiologically based. How you act and feel today is determined by your subconscious memory, your past conditioning. By accessing these memories, N.E.T. works to change the "computer code of behavior." Choices you then make are in your best interest. Knowing the right thing leads to doing the right thing! Neuro Emotional Technique, a safe, scientific, and elegant tool which provides: Congruency and Balance between what you think and feel say and do...Living in the present moment with Confidence and Vitality...Gentle choices to let go of old behavior patterns, allowing new perceptions and new, successful behavior.
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